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Affordable Heating and Air “Fast Facts”

Did you know….

Fast Fact #1

The transfer of heat works much in the same way as a magnet is attracted to rnetal. Where there is cold, heat will be attracted; it naturally tries to fill the void.. ln the summer while you keep the house cool, heat from the outside enters your home through the walls, windows, floor and ceiling. Your cooling system is sized to out pace the rate at which the heat soaks through your walls, floors and ceiling. As your a/c system becomes less efficient it becomes less and less able to keep up with the heat of the sun and that equals a higher electric bill for you. Keeping that a/c working at peak efficiency is what we do best and it’s what is best for your a/c system.

Fast Fact #2

As was discussed in the last fast fact article, heat is attracted to cold, like a magnet to steel.  Your air conditioner transfers that heat back to the outdoors and will do so for a lot of money or not—depending on how efficient it is.  An air conditioner’s efficiency is rated with a S.E.E.R. number (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  If a 10 SEER unit will work at  30 cents per hour cooling your home or office, a 15 SEER A/C unit will work just as  hard, but more efficiently for only 15 cents per hour making it 50% more efficient. This is not only a huge savings in your monthly energy bill, but you won’t have to deal with those expensive repair bills that an aging air conditioner often requires.  

Fast Fact #3

Heat pumps heat by using refrigerant to absorb heat from the air outside and then transfer that heat indoors.  The slightest amount of dirt and grime within your system blocks that transfer of heat and wastes money.  Simple maintenance actions on your heating system pay out large dividends in lower energy bills, better comfort and longer equipment life.

Fast Fact #4

CO, AKA Carbon Monoxide, a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas is produced as a by-product of any gas appliance.  Exposure at levels of 50 PPM (parts per million) of CO is toxic to a healthy adult.  However at levels of 100 PPM you will likely experience flu-like symptoms.  Most CO detectors sold at your local hardware store will not alarm you until 100 PPM.  The good news is, you can avoid unpleasant outcomes of exposure to CO and sleep with greater peace of mind by getting our professional analysis of your furnace and/or water heater now.

Fast Fact #5

In a central air system, air enters at the filter and then out of the vents in the rooms.  The California Energy Commission has found that an average 30% of your system’s energy is lost in air leaks.  Uneven heating, cooling and high energy bills are the result.  Sealing your system is quick, affordable and yields large dividends.  We specialize in lowering your monthly energy bills.  Call us today for your free evaluation.

Fast Fact #6

The BTU (British thermal unit) is our standard measurement of heat energy.  IT takes one BTU of heat energy to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree.  The efficiency at which this happens can best be observed in your gas and electric bill.  We perform simple and effective adjustments to your equipment to keep things running at peak performance and your bills as low as possible.

Fast Fact #7

Do you know your AFUE?  That stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.
If your furnace’s AFUE is 80% then the other 20% is going straight up your flue pipe (and therefore out of your house).  Wall heaters and floor furnaces are worse yet.  Furnaces that have not had a tune up in the last few years are almost certain to be off their mark by 5-20%.  The good news is that you can keep your furnace and your money by having it tuned on a regular basis.
Fast Fact #8
There once was a time you were charged only for the amount of electricity you used. It didn’t matter if you were using power at midnight or noon, the price was the same. Now times have changed. Your once spinning electrical meter has been outfitted with an electronic transmitter keeping your local utility up to date with every watt you use and when you use it. Electricity is being sold at a higher rate in the daywhen you need it and lower rate at night when you don’t.  There are definite things you san do to decrease your daily electrical use. Install a vapor barrier in the crawl space, beef up insulation in the attic and walls, weather strip doors and windows, replace windows with double pane etc.

Fast Fact #9

Long ago and far away air conditioning and heating was alive and well…it was free, if only for a few and it required little to no maintenance.  Large slabs of stone were taken outside and left in the desert sun to provide heat for that evening and the stone slabs that were left out overnight to cool were brought back inside  to absorb heat and cool the palace during the day, and so on and so on.  Now it is the 21st century, we have heating and air conditioning for the masses; it isn’t free and it requires regular maintenance.  So unless you have an army of men to carry slabs of stone in and out of your home, you should give us a call to help keep all of the parts and pieces of your investment intact and keeping you comfortable. 

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